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Physical Therapy (PT)

PT is essential in the rehabilitation of body function and joint mechanics, soft tissue extensibility and movement. At Action in Motion (AIM) a PT will provide clients an evaluation and functional assessment and use the results to create a program to help the client achieve their goals. PT can help manage a rehabilitation program as well as enhance better ways of moving to improve sport performance.

Our Physical Therapists have years of experience in treating clients with various orthopedic and neurological diagnosis. 

We incorporate manual therapy and Pilates base exercise to help our clients move with ease and pain free.

We Welcome:
Patients with doctors referrals
Private patients 
General clients looking for fitness and sports performance enhancement


Pilates is an exercise technique which has been in existence since the 1930’s. It was developed by Joseph Pilates who was a boxer in Germany. He designed equipment with springs to assist or resist body movements. The equipment work was combined with mat (floor) work to enhance body conditioning. Pilates brought his work to New York where ballet dancers became supportive and engaged in his work. Pilates’ method was widely accepted due to its application in:


The Pilates technique has evolved over the years and the equipment has become widely used in the rehabilitation of injuries as well as in fitness settings. Pilates has been shown to improve 

Breath Control 
Trunk and Core Control
Back and Neck Pain

Pilates offers a different environment for training, including changing the impact of  gravity. Running and jumping can be pain free as a result of the changes. Elite athletes can benefit from this training as much as geriatric patients and those recovering from surgery. The equipment is unique in its supportive design and it lends itself to such diverse training for every Body.

Action in Motion (AIM) is an inviting studio which incorporates Physical Therapy with Pilates. We offer a full body approach to regain movement after injury or surgery. We are a health and fitness facility. We are recommended by physicians in the area including Dr Dickinson (neurosurgeon)from Pacific Brain and Spine in Danville. We welcome patients with referrals and fitness clients. We provide all medical codes needed for private insurance billing. Full payment is required at the time of service.


We offer private treatment, Semi private and 13 classes/week.
Scheduling for classes is done by skill level and by PT placement

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