Let us introduce ourselves...


Gloria Soto Reyes

MSPT / PMA Certified Pilates Teacher

I have been a Physical Therapist for over thirty years (Masters from USC) and a Pilates teacher and mentor for the past seventeen years (Polestar Pilates).


I realized early in my career that I had a gift of healing and of empowering people to be in charge of their wellbeing.


I have intuitive, efficient evaluation skills, and effective treatments to target individual needs. I solve long standing problems in repetitive stress injuries and back pain, because I don't just treat the symptoms, I target the cause.


My personal growth continues through my continued involvement in improving the lives of others.


Every year I volunteer my Physical Therapy Services in underserved countries in Latin America with IMAHelps.Org.


I have been a mentor for Polestar Pilates helping people become movement specialists and spreading the message of Joseph Pilates for a well-balanced life. And, I’m involved with Clubsport Pleasanton running club and run a couple of half marathons / year.


I live in Dublin with my husband, Paul, have two adult sons and a dog named Slushy.


The combination of my professional and personal journey has been an integral part of my success in business the last fifteen years in Danville, CA.

I graduated from Physiotherapy school in Birmingham, England and have had an interesting and varied career over the last 25 years. The National Health Service provided me with a broad wealth of experience, working in in-patients ranging from intensive care, respiratory, burns units, general medical wards and orthopedic wards, neurology, rheumatology and hydrotherapy , and out patients.  I soon discovered that out patient orthopedics was where my interests lay and furthered my education in this area.


My jobs have included work in private hospitals, a Tri service military rehabilitation center, and sports teams, so I am familiar with returning clients to a high level of function.


I aim to keep abreast of recent developments in physiotherapeutic practices, and continue to attend education courses and read professional journals and articles.


The Assessment and Treatment of Neuromusculoskeletal Dysfunction was a year long course where I became proficient in The Maitland approach to the treatment of  the vertebral column and peripheral joints.


 I also became a McKenzie Method accredited practitioner after completing all the courses concerning The McKenzie Approach to treatment of the spine and peripheral joints.


Our family’s move to California in 2004 put a hold on my PT career , but I used the enforced break to become qualified in Pilates with Powerhouse Pilates and began teaching in studios and health clubs .


My enthusiasm for Pilates and its role in rehabilitation continues to grow, and now since becoming licensed to work as a PT here in CA, Pilates has become an important tool in the rehabilitation of my clients.


I enjoy treating any part of the body, however I consider my expertise to be in the treatment of the spine, such as problems with the neck, or cervical spine, thoracic spine and the low or lumbar spine.


I have 3 children, and in my spare time I love to spend time with my family, play tennis, run, hike, practice pilates and read.


Stephanie Watts

MSPT / PMA Certified Pilates Teacher